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Village of Tahsis, B.C.  

Age-Friendly Community Action Plan 

The municipality of the Village of Tahsis retained O’Hara Aging + Accessibility to complete an Age-Friendly Community Action Plan. With a median resident age of 52.5 years, the community wants to ensure it is prepared to meet the needs of its aging population.  


With support from the Province of British Columbia and the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), the Village of Tahsis worked with O’Hara Aging + Accessibility to create an age-friendly community action plan to help residents live active, engaged and independent lives.


Our work included:

  • A community inventory list

  • Community Surveys and 1:1 interviews

  • A series of three community consultations and world cafes

  • A detailed mapping of community assets for older adults and seniors 

  • Age friendly policy review to ensure the final recommendations met all planning and policy requirements 



The final outcome was a detailed Community Action Plan that identified short, medium and long term tactics to enhance the Village of Tahsis with a focus on the World Health Organization’s eight domains of livability for age-friendly communities.    

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