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Aislin O'Hara

Principal Consultant

Aislin brings a fresh approach to traditional accessibility consulting.  Working with clear business objectives, she provides a space for older adults and people with disabilities to contribute to the process and be heard. The end result is increased customer satisfaction.    


Aislin has over a decade of public sector experience working with older adults, people with disabilities and vulnerable populations.  Most recently, she was the Project Lead for the Toronto Transit Commission WheelTrans Customer Experience, and the Project Advisor for the Region of Peel's Accessible Transportation Master Plan. 


Aislin is a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging and nationally recognized presenter on Aging and Accessibility.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations from Humber College.


Daniel Waldman

Co-op Student & Disability Advocate

Daniel Waldman is a recent graduate of Northview Heights Secondary. He has a passion for advocating for others with disabilities. Being in a motorized wheelchair, he provides a unique perspective in accessibility advice. Daniel has various experiences working with individuals with a wide variety of abilities. He took charge of auditing his high school to make it more accessible. After his audit of the school, he worked with TDSB builders and architects to redesign different parts of the school. Furthermore, Daniel has completed a co-op placement with TTC Wheel-Trans. He reviewed and gave detailed feedback on Wheel-Trans' policies and procedures including the Wheel-Trans customer handbook. He has tested accessibility features in the various transit services and has presented to ACAT (Advisory Committee for Accessible Transit) and CEO of TTC, Rick Leary. 

Mitch Underhay

Mitch Underhay

Senior Community Liaison & Stakeholder Engagement Consultant

Mitch Underhay is an experienced stakeholder engagement consultant, bilingual facilitator, and creative thinker. Mitch helps communities and services connect with their stakeholders to identify needs and priorities. Mitch’s natural leadership, ability to unify people and diverse skillset is an asset to many of our projects. Mitch rolls up his sleeves, gets to know your people and leaves you better positioned to serve all members of the community regardless of age or ability. Mitch has executed large-scale engagement plans, such as his work for the VIA Rail Universal Accessibility Project and the Toronto Transit Commission’s system accessibility projects including the Wheel-Trans Transformation Program. Mitch also has a niche expertise in leading consultations and developing community plans for rural and remote communities across the country.  

Cathlin Martin

Cathlin Martin, MSW & B.Ed

Specialist, Healthy Aging

Cathlin holds a Masters of Social Work with a specialization in Gerontology. Cathlin brings a wealth of knowledge to many of our projects. Her areas of focus include age-friendly initiatives, housing and employment for older adults. She has extensive experience in research, policy writing and scoping reviews and program implementation. She has presented her subject matter expertise on healthy aging at conferences.

Cathlin’s work includes her role as Program Officer for the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE) on the Toronto HomeShare Program. She has also developed two notable programs for Toronto seniors: one which focuses on reducing the stigma of mental health among diverse older adult populations, and a wellness program which incorporates mindfulness teachings and body movement exercises for seniors. 

Yuval Grinspun

Yuval Grinspun, PMP, P.Eng

Affiliate & Principal of LTRT Transit Consulting

Yuval founded Left Turn Right Turn in 2014 to transform public transit. LTRT and O’Hara Aging + Accessibility collaborate on many projects where aging, accessibility and transportation intersect. Our most recent collaboration is the development and implementation of  a Universal Accessibility Policy for VIA Rail. As a lifelong transit buff, Yuval has been consulting with public transit agencies since 2002. Based in Toronto he has worked with transit agencies across the country and internationally to modernize their practices. Yuval has worked on several major accessible transportation projects including his most recent work as Program Manager for the Toronto Transit Commission’s Wheel-Trans Transformation Program, where he led a 10-year strategy to improve accessibility for seniors and persons with disabilities across the entire Toronto transit system.  

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