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City of Edmonton 

Edmonton Transit Service - DATS (Disabled Adult Transit Service)

O’Hara Aging + Accessibility was retained by Ernst & Young (EY) to complete an in-depth review of the City of Edmonton’s accessible transit service.  Like many municipalities in North America, Edmonton is re-evaluating its accessible transit services with the goal of better meeting the needs of residents in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 


O’Hara Aging + Accessibility’s comprehensive review included leading a baseline assessment of current service delivery levels and benchmarking against other operational models and industry leaders. We led extensive employee, stakeholder and customer consultations to identify key pain points. And we collaborated with local accessible transportation providers such as private, taxi, and non-profit providers to assess the desirability and capacity for potential partnerships.


Our final report is currently before city council. If approved, it will empower the City of Edmonton to deliver accessible transit through a new service delivery model that fosters community partnerships and provides users with more choice. Ultimately, the new model will provide better service through a multi-modal transportation experience.

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